Aly's Sweetie's recipes : Chocolate Muffin

Aly's Sweetie's recipes : Chocolate Muffin

The muffin is another pastry anyone can make. You just need an oven and your hands.

Aly's advices :

  • Butter : Make sure to use a real butter (I mean, no vegetable margarine, coming from oil) . Fat is what sets flavors. Using a quality butter will ensure pastries with solid taste. I recommend using le beurre d’Isigny. It usually has quite a good value for money.
  • Chocolate chips, nuts, fruits.... Add anything you want and customize your muffins !

For 12 muffins (130g each)

 Ingrdients Quantity (g) Quantity (oz) Quantity (cup)
Eggs 125 g 4.4 oz 2 large eggs
Sugar 225 g 7.94 oz 1 1/8 cups
Butter 200 g 7.05 oz 3/4 cups
Chocolate 250 g 8.82 oz 1 1/4 cups
Flour 475 g 16.75 4 1/4 cups
Baking powder 15 g 0.53 oz 2 tsp
Chocolate chips 250 g 8.82 oz 1 1/4 cups


How to proceed :



Weigh the eggs and the sugar together and mix them in a big bowl.

I'm using a robot to bake. If you don't have one, don't worry, you can do everything with your hands !

Mix it until the sugar melts.

In a separate bowl, add the chocolate and butter, and heat it in the microwave until it's gently melt.

Don't heat too long, and stop the microwave every 30sec to mix the chocolate and the butter.

Add the melted chocolate/butter to the eggs and mix it until it's homogeneous.

Then add the flour WITH the baking powder. Then once again, mix it until it's homogeneous.

You can now leave it here, or add anything you wish for : chocolate chips, caramel chip, fruits, nuts....

For this recipe, I added dark chocolate chips.

Bake it in the oven at 180°C (356F°)

Leave it for 27 minutes for big muffins.

If your mold is smaller, try between 10 and 15minutes, depending on the size of your mold.


Now enjoy your delicious muffins. You can bake it in any silicone mold and make them take any shape you want.

This is the recipe I use to bake my Pawstries :



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