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Monee Mellow

No One Way To Love - Book

No One Way To Love - Book

"No One Way to Love" (N1WTL), extended edition!

Book characteristics:

  • Mixed media
  • 2 bonus scenes
  • 3 full-page illustrations
  • Soft matte cover, hybrid printing (B/W and Colors)
  • Size: A5
  • Weight: 475g

The N1WTL collection also contains two bookmarks and a print.

Cover artist:

Illustration artists:
- and myself!

- Diluc is nonbinary afab
- Side ships: JeanLisa, EulAmber

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
A Lovely Book!

My technical product was the pre-order bundle, but the book was the main star. The book was shipped quickly, and arrived to me in record time despite the holiday season, and the fact I live in a different country. The books packaging was perfect, it was a cold and raining day and there was no damage done to the book as a result -- something that can be hard to say when I order books off amazon!

As for the book itself. . . the quality is lovely. Vibrant colors, smooth pages, a thick comfortable weight in your hand. There is very little not to love about this book, especially when you remember it was self published by a wonderful team.

What is there not to love about kaeluc, especially when it's a love story? Monee has never disappointed me, and I doubt I shall ever be disappointed. All in all, a quality and beautiful product!!


A wonderfully well written story. Book itself was printed well and shipped with care. Thank you for taking the time to make this.