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Monee Mellow

Kaeya & Diluc - Digital Fics - "Everything Under the Sun" FULL

Kaeya & Diluc - Digital Fics - "Everything Under the Sun" FULL

The full version of "Everything Under the Sun", if you don't want to wait for weekly updates.

This product will be discontinued once the full fic is online. 


Word count: 53,772 words

Tags: Ghosthunter/Ghost, Romance, Angst with a happy ending, Fluff, Modern AU, Nonbinary Diluc (afab)

Summary: Kaeya has seen it all. As a veteran ghost-hunter, he’s long since given up his peace of mind, too busy chasing spirits to help them move on. Sometimes, that entails becoming a ghost-therapist for lonesome, dead widows; other times, a good pair of legs to run from a pissed-off demon.

But when he gets a tip about a spirit stuck under Dawn Winery, Kaeya finds himself faced with his toughest case to date. The ghost in question — named Diluc — is so easy to get attached to, with his endless wishes and his appetite for life, he threatens every rule Kaeya has set to follow in his career.

Even the unwritten ones.

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