When will my order be shipped ?

  • If your order includes a preorder item, it will be shipped when we receive the merch ! Stay tuned on twitter for regular updates & manu pictures ! It can take at least 2 months.
  • If your order doen't include a preorder item, then it'll be shipped within 2 weeks.

Where are you shipping from ?

We're based in France ! But there'll be no baguette in your order

I subscribed to Patreon. Why don't I have free shipping ?

Thank you for your support!

We manually enter our Patreon Supporters into the system so they can get free shipping whenever they order.

If you just subscribed, please notify us that you are a new patreon supporter ! We will add you asap to our base !

To send a message, it's just at the bottom right corner !

What rewards do you offer in your Patreon ?

*Sweet Madame Pack:

  • Early access to fics
  • First look at WIPs
  • Exclusive bonus content from existing fics
  • Exclusive NSFW fics
  • Access to a secret Patreon shop
  • Shop discounts
  • Access to Monee's Progress on on her WIP list (soon to come)
  • Excel maintenance

Can I use my Stardrops with free shipping at the same time ?

Of course, our free shipping offer is meant to be used with our loyalty program ! Please contact us if there is any issue regarding the use of your promotional codes.