• "Yours, Truly"

    (Letters from Kaeya and Diluc to you)


    Dear friend,

    How have you been? I personally am stellar, as always, if only because I get to write to you so often. I value our friendship, you know? You are very dear to me and will always be.

    Alright, now that I've given you the written equivalent of puppy eyes, surely you will be open to hear my request, hm? So... Lately, I've noticed Diluc acting strange; do you know anything I don't (since he seems to trust you, which I am totally not jealous about) or do I have to bother him until he talks? I overheard him talking about a trip, and not to be dramatic, but I think I would rather choke on grape juice than watch him leave (me) again.

    Anyway, what do you think? And please don't tell me I could just "talk to him"; words aren't my forte when it comes to Diluc. I always feel like I'm one word away from starting an argument - and one argument away from spilling my whole heart to him. I can't risk ruining my detached persona (and our precarious balance), you know?

    Please let me know if I need to panic right away. Not to stress you out, but my fate is into your hands.



  • Everlasting Honeymoon

    (Letters from Kaeya and Diluc to each other)



    I will ask you to not send me these… letters while I’m at work. “But my kitten, how will you know when the falcon arrives?” You and your crafty — and quite agile — tongue should find a way to train that falcon. Make it wait patiently at my windowsill so I don’t have to spend entire meetings with boring Fontaine officials thinking about… you doing those things to me. I cannot keep calling off business negotiations because my mind is rewinding our last night together.

    Alright — to be entirely clear with you, that was an attempt at humor. I have been reading up on comedy to learn how to deliver better "jokes". Could it be because I get drunk on your laugh? I don’t know. You tell me. I miss it more than I could describe, but it helps to imagine you laughing as you read this letter. Please, however, do enlighten me; I expect a detailed report with feedback on how I did. “Oh, my kitten likes being praised?” you will say, and well, yes. I am a lot of things, but I am not a liar.

    Now, onto the salacious topic of your letter...



When will my order be shipped ?

  • If your order includes a preorder item, it will be shipped when we receive the merch ! Stay tuned on Twitter for regular updates & manu pictures. For Cradle of Storms specifically, we estimate the delivery around July.
  • If your order doen't include a preorder item, then it'll be shipped in April.

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We're based in France !

Can I use my Stardrops with free shipping at the same time ?

Of course, our free shipping offer is meant to be used with our loyalty program ! Please contact us if there is any issue regarding the use of your promotional codes.

Is "Cradle of Storms" included in the free shipping offers?

No. Cradle of Storms is the only exception.

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